Give Your Tailgate a Jolt with the Diehard Portable Power 1150 Power Source!

Give Your Tailgate a Jolt with the Diehard Portable Power 1150 Power Source!

You can bet that almost everyone nowadays tailgates with some sort of electronic device.  The old solution to the low power problem is to just plug into your car’s cigarette lighter.  This is fine if it’s only for a half an hour or so.  But we’re tailgaters; we’re there for the long haul, especially when game time is 8 pm!  We can’t risk our car’s battery and hope that someone else has jumper cables.

If you want to add on to your already great tailgate party, a portable power system comes in handy in more ways than one.  The Diehard Portable Power 1150 is the perfect fit for all your electronic tailgating needs.

Why Should I Put This Product in My Starting Lineup?

This battery gives you power whenever it is required.  With four outlets (2 DC, 2 AC), it gives you the space to plug in more than one device at a time.  This means that while you’re enjoying your perfect tailgate playlist over your speakers, you can also plug in your phone to give it’s battery a boost.

Diehard designed a bright numeric display that shows the remaining power percentage.  With other portable batteries we’ve seen, they only provide 3 lights and it’s hard to tell how much power you have.  Nobody wants to guesstimate how much longer you can party!

The included jumper cables wrap around the handle and save a lot of space, unlike traditional jumper cables.  Speaking of saving space, the entire product is no bigger than a car battery.

But the overall best feature of the Diehard Portable Power Source is that it’s relatively easy to use.  You read the manual once and it’s all you need to know.

What Will Reduce This Product’s Playing Time?

One negative is that depending on which devices are plugged in, it will only last for about 5-7 hours.  This should be more than sufficient for a 12pm or 3:30pm game.  We only plug in our Klipsch speaker system, which has a subwoofer, and our music lasts for most of the day.

Another negative is the general upkeep of the system.  To maintain the life and capacity of the battery, it should initially be charged to full capacity and when not in use, it should be charged once a month.

We’ve read many of the reviews from other websites, all of which were written by users.  The common theme in all the negative reviews is battery life.  Many complain that the battery can’t hold a charge, even during the first year of use.  We feel that this is likely due to not following the directions and taking proper care of their Diehard Portable Power.  If anything changes in the next year, we’ll be sure to update this review.

Other Information

Thanks to for all the technical features and specs.

  • 1150 Peak Amps for instant jump starting
  • ON/OFF switch puts power to the clamps for jump starting and USB port
  • Digital display
  • (2) 12VDC receptacles
  • (2) AC outlets
  • (2) built-in area lights
  • USB port
  • 150 psi air compressor and high-resolution gauge
  • Air inflator/deflator
  • Air hose and assorted air adapters
  • 1000mA wall charger
  • Jumper clips with cables

Starting Lineup or Riding the Pine?

This system is a must have for any tailgater. The Diehard Portable Power 1150 is a perfect fix to your tailgating power needs.  It even adds that extra comfort of being able to jump your car or fill a flat tire, if necessary.

Its outstanding versatility, much like a linebacker that can run stop and go into pass coverage, allows you to tackle any problem that arises at your tailgate!

We paid near $130 for our item, but it looks like Sears has cut prices!  Please click this link to purchase your’s today!

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